About IGK Isolierglasklebstoffe GmbH

IGK Isolierglasklebstoffe GmbH was founded in 1988 by the chemist Dr. Michael Vollrath-Rödiger and is today a leading specialist in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-quality adhesive solutions for the insulating glass industry. With a deep-rooted tradition of innovation and quality spanning more than a quarter of a century, IGK has established itself as a trusted partner for companies worldwide involved in the manufacture of insulating glass.

Research and development

Our company, based in Hasselroth near Frankfurt, places great emphasis on research and development in order to always bring the most advanced and efficient adhesive solutions to the market. IGK’s product range includes a wide selection of adhesives specifically designed for the different requirements and standards in insulating glass production. These include both primary and secondary sealants tailored to customers’ specific needs and ensure optimal performance in terms of durability, thermal insulation and moisture resistance.

Sustainability and environmental protection

IGK Isolierglasklebstoffe GmbH understands the importance of sustainable production practices and strives to minimize environmental impacts by developing environmentally friendly products and processes. The company uses the latest technologies and materials to ensure that its adhesives are not only high-performance, but also safe for users and the environment.

Customer satisfaction and support

Customer satisfaction is IGK’s top priority. With a dedicated team of professionals, the company offers comprehensive technical support and advice to ensure our customers receive the best possible solutions for their specific applications. From the initial inquiry to the final implementation, IGK’s experts are on hand to help their customers overcome technical challenges and achieve optimal results.

Global presence

In addition to its headquarters in Germany, IGK has a global network of distributors and partners, ensuring that its products and services are accessible anywhere in the world. This extensive network enables IGK to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of its international clientele while maintaining high standards of quality and service.

Commitment to the future

In the dynamic world of insulating glass production, IGK Isolierglasklebstoffe GmbH remains a reliable and innovative partner that continuously strives to push the boundaries of what is possible and help shape the future of the industry. With a relentless focus on quality, innovation and customer service, IGK sets new standards in adhesive technology and underlines its commitment to excellence and sustainability in everything it does.