IGK 311

IGK 311

Polysulfide Edge Sealant

IGK 311 is a solvent-free two-component sealant and adhesive made with polysulfide, which was developed especially as a secondary sealant and to connect multi-pane insulating glass.

IGK 311 is characterised by its above-average adhesion and very good water vapour- and gas retention rates.

The product can be processed using all conventional two-component mixing and dosing machines and two-component manual systems. IGK 311 adheres to all conventional clean, dry, grease-free and oil-free base coats used in the insulating glass industry.

Mixing Ratio

by Volume: 100:10
by Weight: 100:8.3


Base components: 200 litre drums
Hardening components: 20 litre or 200 litre drums


9 months in original unopened containers at between +15°C and +25°C
Avoid temperatures of over +40°C and below +10°C
Do not store outdoors. Protect from moisture, frost and direct sunlight


The same conditions apply for both storage and transportation.

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