IGK 711 Hotmelt

IGK 711 Hotmelt

IGK 711 is a single component, high class hotmelt system designed for use and application as secondary seal in insulating glass systems. It can be used with box-, flexible foam- and u-shaped spacers made of metal and or coextruded metal/plastic spacer bars.

The focus of the development of this new product has been put onto a homogeneous melting and cooling behavior over wide range of temperature including an outstanding green strength early in the process of cooling.

Initial grip combined with high tackiness characterize  its application on glass and spacer bar. Once cooled down to room temperature IGK 711 offers high bond strength to guarantee high mechanical strength for early manipulation of the IG-unit.


200 litre (55 gallons) drum

Storage and transportation:

At least 1 year when stored between +10°C and +25°C (+50°F and +77°F)

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