Since 1988: Insulating glass sealants Made in Germany

Isolierglasklebstoffe GmbH was founded in 1988 by the chemist Dr. Michael Vollrath-Rödiger and is now an SME based in Hasselroth near Frankfurt am Main.

Supported by our technical knowledge, driven by ecological spirit and with a sense of economic feasibility, we launched mercury-free polyurethane on the market back in 2001 – a product which placed us far ahead of our time. From the very beginning, IGK has been able to constantly increase its national and international market share and is now the European market leader of insulating glass sealants produced from polyurethane.

Streamlined Structures, High Productivity

IGK only develops and produces its products at its headquarters in Hasselroth, where our marketing and sales activities are also managed. Thanks to our streamlined structures, we achieve a high degree of productivity. Thanks to short decision-making channels, your questions and requirements can be quickly and authoritatively answered.

Constant Growth

The number of countries that we are represented in, is also growing with demand. In order to continue to supply our increasingly large customer base, in a needs-oriented manner, we are continually investing in increasing our productivity and capacity. So, we recently built two new tanks and silos, widely automated our production processes, and increased our staff in sales as well as in development and technology.

Quality that gets you further

In order for you to always receive expert answers to your questions, we provide our employees with continual training and further education. Our service goes out of its way to find the right solution for even the most specific needs. And our research and development department ensures, that IGK can continue to be in the future what it is currently: an innovator and pioneer for even better solutions for insulating glass sealants and adhesives.

Company brochure to download: ENDEESFR