Ingenuity plus Experience

IGK launched the first mercury-free polyurethane on the market back in 2001 – long before the EU Directive of 2012 that will ban the use of mercury-containing catalysts in polyurethane systems from 2017. This experience benefits both our product and our customers.

In addition, IGK is the only manufacturer whose Thermoplastic Spacer® can be combined with both polysulfide and polyurethane – an economic alternative that has been proven for many years.

Our polysulfide sealants impress due to their quick and clean application even in triple glazed IG-units, very quick hardening and considerable tolerance in the mixing ratio.

It goes without saying that the quality of our products is certified in line with all important European standards such as EN 1279 and is checked regularly.

You can rely on our experienced applications engineers to answer all your questions about the use and processing of our products and the setup of your machinery, especially when switching to our sealants.


IGK 130
2 c Mercury-free polyurethane sealant
IGK 311 and IGK 330
2 c Polysulfide sealants
IGK 711 Hotmelt
1 c Hotmelt


IGK 511
Butyl primary sealant
IGK 511 S
Butyl primary sealant for foam spacers


IGK 611
TPS – Thermoplastic Spacer®


IGK 911
Flushing fluid for mixing equipment
IGK 918
IGK 921
Thermal cleaner for mixers with IGK 130
IGK 955
Desiccant beads with colour indicator
IGK 980
Adhesion tester