IGK 130

Polyurethane edge sealant

IGK 130 was specially developed as a solvent-free two-component adhesive secondary sealant for multi-pane insulating glass. Since 2001, it has not contained any mercury-containing catalysts. The perfect mix of flexibility and adhesive strength, together with the extremely low water vapor and gas permeability, ensures long-lasting tightness of the edge seal.

Due to the particularly long mixer service life, IGK 130 reduces the number of cleaning intervals and reduces rinsing losses in ongoing production. This makes processing using automated application systems as well as manual sealing easier.

IGK 130 is applied to glass and spacers in accordance with current guidelines without the need for a primer.

Mixing ratioVolume: 100:10
Weight: 100:7.1
Delivery ContainerBase:

200 liter drums

200 liter drums
20 liter hobbocks
200 liter flat cans

Storage and transportCan be stored for 6 months in unopened original containers at +15°C to +25°C
Avoid heating above +40°C and cooling below +10°C
Do not store outdoors, protect from moisture, frost and direct sunlight

Further information on application and processing, as well as technical and safety information, is available in our download center.