IGK 330

Polysulfide edge sealant

IGK 330 is an improved version of our classic polysulfide system IGK 311. It offers the same good properties that have made IGK 311 so successful: very low water vapor and gas diffusion rates and excellent adhesion to all common substrates, such as glass, aluminum, steel and plastics. IG units with IGK 330 are more durable and resilient than with the standard IGK 311. Commercially available insulating glass units with IGK 330 can be manufactured in automated dosing machines as well as on manual systems.

Mixing ratioVolume: 100:10
Weight: 100:8.3
Delivery containersBase:
200 liter drums
200 liter drums, 20 liter hobocks
Storage and transportCan be stored for 9 months in unopened original containers at +15°C to +25°C
Avoid heating above +40°C and cooling below +10°C
Do not store outdoors, protect from moisture, frost and direct sunlight
Further information on application and processing, as well as technical and safety information, is available in our download center.