IGK Isolierglasklebstoffe GmbH has been investing in the development and further development of adhesive sealant solutions for insulating glass production since 1988. Today we have a comprehensive product portfolio consisting of primary and secondary sealants and a variety of service products.

With our primary sealants, all common spacers made of metal, plastic or flexible foam can be used for insulating glass production.

IGK launched the first mercury-free polyurethane on the market as early as 2001 – long before the EU directive that finally banned the use of mercury-containing catalysts in polyurethane systems from 2017. This innovation made us the European market leader for PU-based secondary sealants in Europe. Our many years of experience benefit both the quality of our products and therefore our customers.

Our polysulfide edge sealants are characterized by clean and fast application. Thanks to rapid curing and a large tolerance in the mixing ratio, it offers an alternative to polyurethane technology for specific applications.

The quality of our products is of course certified according to all relevant European standards such as EN 1279 and is regularly checked through internal and external audits.


IGK 511Butyl primary sealant
IGK 511 SButyl primary sealant for foram spacer
IGK 511 HTButyl primary sealant for specialty applications


IGK 130Mercury-free polyurethane edge sealant
IGK 311Polysulfide edge sealant
IGK 330Polysulfide edge sealant


IGK 611Thermoplastic spacer
IGK 611 FHThermoplastic spacer for fire-resistant glazing


IGK 918Plasticizer
IGK 921Thermal Cleaner
IGK 980Adhesion Tester

If you have any questions about the application and processing of our products or the adaptation of your machines, especially when switching to our sealants, you can rely on the expertise of our experienced application engineers.